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Episode Guide
To Trap a Rat
Screenplay by
Directed by
The Champions follow a tricky trail when tracking down the suppliers of tainted drugs.
Drug addicts are becoming the victims not only of their vice but the lethal effects of tainted dope which is being distributed in London.
But who is handling this poisonous consignment? Scotland Yard are baffled, and the Nemesis organisation is asked for help.
It befalls Sharron (ALEXANDRA BASTEDO) to tail an addict, Jane Purcell (KATE O’MARA), who, desperate because her supplies have been cut off, allows Sharron, posing as a fellow addict, to trick her into revealing the name of her “pusher”.
Sharron buys some drugs from the man, Edwards (MICHAEL STANDING), planting a tiny transmitter bug on him which allows Craig (STUART DAMON) and Richard (WILLIAM GAUNT) to tail him to the Zoo, where he buys a bag of peanuts from a vendor (TOKE TOWNLEY).
A search of Edwards’ flat reveals little—except a bag of peanuts in the kitchen. The peanuts prove to be full of drugs. Now certain that they are on the right trail, Craig and Richard keep watch on the peanut vendor’s house and follow him to a garage where they notice that the petrol attendant, Sandra (EDINA RONAY), looks far too well dressed for her job. Craig makes her acquaintance, deliberately lets her think he is a policeman and is able, with his super-human hearing, to gauge the number she dials when she ’phones to warn her contact.
The number is passed on to Richard and Sharron, who get busy on tracing its owner. Meanwhile, Craig takes Sandra to a nightclub where she introduces him to Pelham (GUY ROLFE), who insists on their returning to his house for a drink. Once inside, Craig is led at gunpoint into the basement, which connects with a nearby Eastern Embassy.
An Embassy official and several servants are waiting and they attempt to torture Craig into revealing his true identity. But by this time, Richard and Sharron have traced his whereabouts and break into the underground room. The source of the tainted drugs has been traced at last....
Series created by
Monty Berman
and Dennis Spooner
© Copyright Incorporated Television Co. Ltd. MCMLXVII
Stuart Damon
Alexandra Bastedo
William Gaunt
Anthony Nicholls
Craig Stirling
Sharron Macready
Richard Barrett
Guy Rolfe
Edina Ronay
Michael Standing
Toke Townley
Kate O’Mara
John Lee
Michael Guest
Walter Pelham
Peanut Vendor
Jane Purcell
Ambulance Doctor
Ambulance Man
Associate Producer
Director of photography
Art director
Johnny Goodman
Frank Watts
Charles Bishop
Derek Hyde-Chambers
Musical director
Theme composed by
Post-production supervisor
Production manager
Stunt arranger
Edwin Astley
Tony Hatch
Philip Aizlewood
Malcolm Chistopher
Judith Jourd
Bill Sawyer
Sound editor
Sound recordists
Music editor
Associate art director
Set dresser
Construction manager
Alan Corder
Len Abbott, Dave Bowen
Deveril Goodman
John Graysmark
Brian Rider
Bill Greene
Second unit director
Second unit cameraman
Camera operator
Assistant director
Special effects
John Hough
James Allen
John Winbolt
Pat Kelly
Isabelle Byers
Sid Pearson
Scenic artist
Production buyer
Make-up supervisor
Wardrobe supervisor
Supervising electrician
A.J. Van Montagu
Sid Palmer
Gerry Fletcher
Michael Jones
Laura Nightingale
Ted Hallows
The Champions
Made on location and at
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