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Episode Guide
The Survivors
Screenplay by
Directed by
Over twenty years of imprisonment is enough to send anyone crazy. The Champions unearth a sinister story in the Austrian Alps. It’s a very strange treasure hunt.
What mystery lies behind the murder of three students in the Austrian Alps? On the surface, it’s a matter for the police rather than Nemesis, but the Austrian authorities are worried. There have been three or four killings over the years in the same lakeside vicinity, and there have been rumours of Nazi loot buried in the lake. It is known that the S.S. were prepared to make a last stand there in 1945 and that convoys of material has been taken to the area. Either gold or ammunition might be hidden. It is also known that many of the officers escaped.
Craig (STUART DAMON), Sharron (ALEXANDRA BASTEDO) and Richard (WILLIAM GAUNT) are sent to investigate when the Austrian authorities put in a request to Nemesis. They get a cool reception from the barman, Emil (BERNARD KAY), at a local gasthaus, but the promise of co-operation from the Burgomeister, Franz Reitz (CLIFFORD EVANS), a former staff Colonel in the Wermacht—a man whose brother was in the S.S. and who was among those preparing a last stand in the area.
Richard, diving in the lake, discovers an old German Army vehicle containing crates of ammunition which seems to confirm stories of the convoy of arms. Craig, in turn, dives down to investigate, and the waiting Richard is watched by Emil and a companion named Richter (DONALD HOUSTON). An attempt is made to shoot Richard, but just fails. Firing in return, he wings Emil and then sees Richter callously kill the wounded man.
Craig emerges from the lake with a map case. It contains German regimental positions in the last month of the war, and all the lines of communication lead to a disused iron mine. This, Craig and Richard surmise, could be the answer to the sinister mystery behind the efforts to keep the too-curious away from the district. All the spare equipment could well be safely hidden in the derelict mine-working, ready for use at any time.
Searching the rambling workings, they are very nearly trapped when a deliberate explosion brings down heavy falls. Instead of killing them, it opens up a blocked tunnel section, and the mine gives up its secret. They come across grave after grave, with plaques revealing identities of dead German soldiers—men buried alive by the S.S., with enough stores to feed them for a lifetime. How many still live? One is a bearded old man, Schmeltz (JOHN TATE), who reveals that the mine’s prisoners were Wermacht men who ran into an S.S. Division which was preparing to fight to the bitter end—and, having lost the last battle, were prepared to wait for another opportunity to arise.
There is one other survivor, pathetically driven out of his mind, Colonel Reitz (CLIFFORD EVANS), still in Wermacht uniform. The Burgomeister’s brother. Which means that Franz Reitz is not who he has claimed to be. He is the former S.S. man.
Sharron, meanwhile, has discovered what is happening and rushes to the mine in search of her companions. She, too, is trapped. But in trapping her, Franz Reitz begins the final chapter in the long, grim drama that has dominated his life since the end of the war...
Series created by
Monty Berman
and Dennis Spooner
© Copyright Incorporated Television Co. Ltd. MCMLXVII
Stuart Damon
Alexandra Bastedo
William Gaunt
Anthony Nicholls
Craig Stirling
Sharron Macready
Richard Barrett
Clifford Evans
Donald Houston
John Tate
Bernard Kay
Frederick Schiller
John Porter Davison
Stephen Yardley
Hugo Panczak
Franz Reitz/Colonel Reitz
Mine Attendant
Production supervisor
Director of photography
Art director
Geoffrey Haine
Frank Watts
Charles Bishop
Peter Pitt
Musical director
Theme composed by
Post-production supervisor
Production manager
Stunt arranger
Edwin Astley
Tony Hatch
Philip Aizlewood
Malcolm Chistopher
Anthony Arnell
Frank Maher
Sound editor
Sound recordists
Music editor
Associate art director
Set dresser
Construction manager
Alan Corder
Len Abbott
Claude Hitchcock
Deveril Goodman
John Graysmark
Brian Rider
Bill Greene
Second unit director
Second unit director
Second unit cameraman
Camera operator
Assistant director
Special effects
Ray Austin
James Allen
John Winbolt
Ken Baker
Elizabeth Wilcox
Sid Pearson
Scenic artist
Production buyer
Make-up supervisor
Wardrobe supervisor
Supervising electrician
A.J. Van Montagu
Sid Palmer
Gerry Fletcher
Michael Jones
Laura Nightingale
Ted Hallows
The Champions
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