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Episode Guide
The Final Countdown
Screenplay by
Directed by
The Champions face the task of finding a World War II atom bomb which could launch another major war.
The years roll back to the end of World War II for a group of Germans who are meeting in a country house near Hamburg. The man they are awaiting is Von Splitz (ALAN MacNAUGHTAN), who has at last been released by the Russians. For nearly a quarter-of-a-century, he has been kept going in the hope of retaliation and in the knowledge that survival would provide the opportunity for him to win the last battle of the Second World War after all. He was the head of a Special Operations department and the man responsible for making what would have been Germany's last bid for victory with an atom bomb which would have razed London to the ground. But the 'plane carrying it never reached London. Where is the bomb now?
Von Splitz has been deliberately released so that his movements can be watched, but when he disappears the Nemesis organisation is called in and the task of finding him given to Craig (STUART DAMON), Sharron (ALEXANDRA BASTEDO) and Richard (WILLIAM GAUNT).
Their first break-through comes when a former Luftwaffe pilot named Eisen (BASIL HENSON) is admitted to hospital in a dying condition and mutters the name of Von Splitz. The information is passed on to Intelligence and then to Nemesis. Richard goes to the hospital. Eisen can no longer talk, but Richard's uncanny sense of hearing enables him to learn what the pilot is trying to say.
Eisen was the pilot who was to have dropped the atom bomb on London, but he was shot down. Now, after trying to discover from him where the bomb landed, Von Splitz has ordered him to be killed. Eisen can give Richard only as much information as he has given to Von Splitz, and that's a very vague clue to the bomb's whereabouts. It's somewhere in Germany and probably in a lake.
The Champions and Von Splitz are on equal terms, both with the same amount of information—but if Von Splitz finds the bomb first, he will undoubtedly set it off in the hope that it will set America and Russia at each other's throats in a new war, each in the belief that the other has started it all.
Eisen's daughter, Anna (HANNAH GORDON), is able to provide some vital information. The race is on in earnest. Von Splitz and his comrades are the first to find the bomb, but Craig is not far behind them, only to be caught by the Germans. He escapes and makes contact with Richard and Sharron. But can they reach the bomb, which has now been set to explode, and defuse it in time?
Series created by
Monty Berman
and Dennis Spooner
© Copyright Incorporated Television Co. Ltd. MCMLXVII
Stuart Damon
Alexandra Bastedo
William Gaunt
Anthony Nicholls
Craig Stirling
Sharron Macready
Richard Barrett
Alan MacNaughton
Wolf Frees
Derek Newark
Basil Henson
Morris Perry
Hannah Gordon
Norman Jones
Michael Lees
Von Splitz
Doctor Neimann
Wolf Eisen
Tom Brooks
Production supervisor
Director of photography
Art director
Geoffrey Haine
Frank Watts
Charles Bishop
Peter Pitt
Musical director
Theme composed by
Post-production supervisor
Production manager
Stunt Arranger
Edwin Astley
Tony Hatch
Philip Aizlewood
Malcolm Chistopher
Anthony Arnell
Frank Maher
Sound editor
Sound recordists
Music editor
Associate art director
Set dresser
Construction manager
Alan Corder
Len Abbott
Claude Hitchcock
Deveril Goodman
John Graysmark
Brian Rider
Bill Greene
Second unit director
Second unit cameraman
Camera operator
Assistant director
Special effects
Ray Austin
James Allen
John Winbolt
Ken Baker
Sally Ball
Sid Pearson
Scenic artist
Production buyer
Make-up supervisor
Wardrobe supervisor
Supervising electrician
A.J. Van Montagu
Sid Palmer
Gerry Fletcher
Michael Jones
Laura Nightingale
Ted Hallows
The Champions
Made on location and at
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