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Screenplay by
Directed by
Three men find themselves alone in an atom test area, with the bomb due to go off at any moment. And if it does, it will devastate much of Australia. One of the men there is Richard Barrett, of Nemesis...
“Call it a hunch if you like. A guess, a wild crazy guess—but I think I’ve stumbled on to something...something huge...and quite mad!”
This is the message received at Nemesis H.Q. from Richard Barrett (WILLIAM GAUNT), and the only guess is that it may have something to do with an atom bomb test which is to be carried out in Australia. Tremayne (ANTHONY NICHOLLS), the Nemesis boss, takes Craig Stirling (STUART DAMON) and Sharron Macready (ALEXANDRA BASTEDO) with him to Australia to observe the test.
Richard, meanwhile, has lost his memory after cracking his head against a rock while trying to detain two men, Joss (MICHAEL GOUGH) and Aston (BILL CUMMINGS). They escape in a helicopter, and Richard wanders around dazedly until he comes to a deserted building proclaiming that it is “Joe’s Place.” He is joined by a man named Banner (JACK McGOWRAN), a swagman prospector of the old school and very much of an eccentric—the one man to slip the cordon when everyone else was told to leave the area. A new-fangled contraption just outside Joe’s Place is the reason, but Banner doesn’t believe it’s true that this is an atom bomb.
They are right in the detonation area, but they are not entirely alone. The helicopter has crashed and Joss is in the area as well.
Back at base, preparations go ahead for the test. Both Craig and Sharron are worried. Their intuition tells them that Richard is in danger, but a request to postpone the test is rejected.
Suddenly, after an accident in which he nearly loses his life, Richard regains his memory. The full horror of the situation is clear. Now he knows why he is here and what Joss and his companion were planning to do. The bomb to be exploded is “clean” and the effect of the explosion carefully calculated. But Joss has added a “dirty” bomb. Both will go up together, and the explosion will devastate vast areas of Australia, including Sydney.
Time is running short, and Richard lacks the technical knowledge to defuse the bomb. To make matters worse, Joss appears on the scene. Only the mysterious powers granted to the Champions can help now, and they come in subliminal flashes from Craig to Richard in a race against time...
Series created by
Monty Berman
and Dennis Spooner
© Copyright Incorporated Television Co. Ltd. MCMLXVII
Stuart Damon
Alexandra Bastedo
William Gaunt
Anthony Nicholls
Craig Stirling
Sharron Macready
Richard Barrett
Jack MacGowran
Grant Taylor
Michael Gough
Bill Cummings
General Winters
Director of photography
Art director
Post-production supervisor
Frank Watts
Charles Bishop
Derek Hyde-Chambers
Philip Aizlewood
Production manager
Musical director
Theme composed by
Stunt Arranger
Malcolm Chistopher
Edwin Astley
Tony Hatch
Anthony Arnell
Frank Maher
Sound editor
Sound recordists
Music editor
Associate art director
Set dresser
Construction manager
Roy Lafbery
Len Abbott
Claude Hitchcock
Alan Willis
John Graysmark
Brian Rider
Bill Greene
Second unit director
Second unit cameraman
Camera operator
Assistant director
Special effects
Ray Austin
Harry Gillam
John Winbolt
Colin Lord
Elizabeth Wilcox
Sid Pearson
Scenic artist
Production buyer
Make-up supervisor
Wardrobe supervisor
Supervising electrician
A.J. Van Montagu
Sid Palmer
Gerry Fletcher
Michael Jones
Laura Nightingale
Ted Hallows
The Champions
Made on location and at
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